As the next generation, Students are a vital part of Cross Timbers! Look around and you are bound to see students serving by operating cameras, rocking babies, greeting guests as they arrive, directing traffic in the parking lot, leading worship from the stage, teaching our CT Kids about Jesus, and so much more! Students play a huge role in making things happen on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. By giving their time and sharing their talents, students get to connect with the Church body and experience the unity that comes with being a part of something bigger than themselves. Having a Church culture of loving others through service sets students up to continue this practice after graduation and into adulthood. Use the button below to complete the Serve Team form.



It takes more than 50 adult volunteers each week to make the student ministry at Cross Timbers successful! We are very lucky to have an amazing Serve Team that builds meaningful relationships with our students as they lead Circles or Foundations, attend CTS events like Summer Camp, cheer on students at their games and performances, provide office support during the work week, and in many other roles. If you are interested in serving with CTS, we have a place for you! To join this fun and dynamic team, please click on the Serve Team form below and we will be in touch.

Why should students serve?

·We want to create a welcoming environment for the entire family from kids all the way to adults. By having students serving in the parking lot, greeting team, and kids area we are communicating that students are welcome. This is great for the student and their family.

·We also want our students to experience the unity that there is in the church and as a student they play a key role in making this happen. By giving our students the opportunity to serve we are creating a culture for our students to set them up for success in the church even after they graduate high school.

For more information please contact your campus student pastor.